With a range of established workshops and the option to have one customised to your community's specific needs, we have what you need to empower your community on the path to improved wellbeing, growth and achievement.  Topics include (not limited to):

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Growth mindset

  • Cultivating gratitude

  • Goal-setting and Goal-getting

  • Living above the line

  • Helpful vs unhelpful thinking styles

  • Best Self

  • Focus

  • Funk Busters


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workshop participant

"You conveyed knowledge and advice with warmth and compassion and genuine caring for the group."

Bec Delaforce
workshop participant

"I think the most valuable part of today was that it held space for reflection.
At a time when busy is glorified and hustling is the focus it's often hard to go against the grain and say 'today, I am going to spend time with me, thinking about what I'm thinking'.
The workshop was at a great pace, the insights were valuable and tailored to everyone who was there, it was personal but light, and the energy was calm but adventurous.
You did a great job to keep things moving and to dig a little deeper, whilst holding the space for people."

Cia Kozak,
workshop participant

"Laura did a brilliant job of creating a safe place to share, be vulnerable and learn together."


Upcoming Public Workshops

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