1:1 Life and Career Coaching

My 100% client focussed coaching sessions are a safe space for you to relax and unpack the clutter of your thoughts and stresses, while finding motivation and inspiration to move forward in alignment with your values and hopes.  When was the last time you sat down and dedicated an hour solely for the purpose of your wellbeing and growth? 

With an easy booking system and flexible on-line or in-person coaching options,

we can make coaching fit in with your life - so you can get the most out of life!

Transformational Coaching

Empower You

Let's work together to build your growth mindset, emotional intelligence and goal setting-getting skills. My client centred coaching is tailored towards uncovering your strengths and enhancing your self awareness and confidence. Whether you want to find your passion and flow, rise empowered from a hurdle life has thrown at you, propel yourself up the path to success in a particular area or simply gain more satisfaction and enjoyment in life, I would love to work alongside you!


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Life Styles Inventory Coaching

Boost your achievement and wellbeing at work and at home

Human Synergistics' recognised and researched Life Styles Inventory program scientifically measures and maps your current thinking and behaviour styles, providing a greater understanding of self. No other self-assessment tool actually reveals and measures the thinking and behavioural styles that help or hinder you in fulfilling your potential.


Through your responses to 240 inventory items, LSI 1 distinguishes and measures 12 key thinking patterns, or styles, that are either effective or ineffective. These styles represent specific ways in which we choose to think about ourselves and influence our behaviour in all areas of life. Your results are plotted on a circumplex so you can actually see your strengths and the areas in which you can make positive changes to how you think and act.

The coaching program empowers you and provides the tools and motivation to drive your performance and get you where you want to be. The Life Styles Inventory (1&2) (LSI) has helped millions of people to improve their professional effectiveness and personal fulfilment.

I will work with you to:

  • discover new ways of thinking and behaving

  • improve your effectiveness in your various roles

  • cope better with stress, pressure and change

  • achieve self-set goals

  • apply more flexible and creative thinking

  • improve your interpersonal relationships

  • gain motivation and confidence

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Jimmy McGregor, 1:1 Coaching Client

"Laura has been an absolute pleasure to work with on my self discovery journey. Her high levels of empathy and compassion, combined with her passion for helping people grow, make her the perfect coaching partner for you or your business. Laura has been extremely flexible in how we interact during a time of self isolation, which has made our work together very convenient and highly productive. Thanks for all your help Laura... looking forward to continuing to work together."

Eve Hesford,
1:1Coaching Client

"Laura is a lovely person and a great coach. She prompts you to make your own decisions making you feel empowered. She also has lots of resources she's happy to share to help you gain a better understanding of your journey. Reasonable price for service, flexible to have in person or online meetings and has definitely helped me identify strengths and set goals. Highly recommend and will continue to use her service for both personal and professional goals."

Jill Brazil,
LSI Coaching Client

"Laura is a wonderful coach. This program has been life changing. In the past 3 months I have stepped out of my comfort zone of 12 years and grasped opportunities I would never had previously. I have gained confidence and recognised my self-worth.
I have also learned skills to identify and minimise any unhelpful thinking and behaviour styles, which will enhance my leadership skills."

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